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Rin Anubandha 〰〰〰〰〰〰 Part 3. In my last posts, I had tried to explain, with examples about the interlinking of karma and soul groups who are born to assist each other.. The timing may vary, not necessarily, all souls from the soul groups are born during the same phase. It can be cyclic.. like one goes, and come back again as a different relation. We do find such instances in families, where one feels a past soul in reborn. There are times we form deep family kind of bond with friends.. as they say bonds thicker than blood. It also happens that one finds uncanny familiarity with some.. as if we have known each other from long. And then the bond grows, effortlessly. Such are definitely, soulmates. Others can be such who trigger something in us, say hatered, hurt, bitterness, negativity or to rebel. The impact is so big that it shakes one.. unsettles one.. and one keeps wondering.. what did i do so wrong. Such cases are also soul groups.. in case it drives one to learn the lesso
Stop Burning of Aggarbattis Immediately Agarbattis are used day in day out in homes and temples. There are 2 main ingredient that goes in making of Aggarbatti 1. Incensed chemical Perfume masala 2.  Bamboo sticks Bamboo sticks are used to hold the fragrant material . In Hindusim burning bamboo is taboo. Bamboo is neither used for cooking (firewood) , nor for Hawans or nor for fire wood used in burning pyres. Though bamboo is used to carry dead person to crematorium but it is never burnt it is always tossed over pyre. Using Hawan samidha is big no no. It is also observed aggarbattis are banned in Naag temples reason behind is sarpas live in bamboo plantation. its their home burning bamboo causes havoc and run away from just by smoke of bamboo burning. Ancients seers knew this pollution causing angle and hence they have strictly prohibted the used of bamboos. Few text suggest burning bamboo creates pitru dosh. One research conducted by Italian scientist have brought to notice