Stop Burning of Aggarbattis Immediately

Agarbattis are used day in day out in homes and temples. There are 2 main ingredient that goes in making of Aggarbatti

1. Incensed chemical Perfume masala

2.  Bamboo sticks

Bamboo sticks are used to hold the fragrant material . In Hindusim burning bamboo is taboo. Bamboo is neither used for cooking (firewood) , nor for Hawans or nor for fire wood used in burning pyres. Though bamboo is used to carry dead person to crematorium but it is never burnt it is always tossed over pyre. Using Hawan samidha is big no no. It is also observed aggarbattis are banned in Naag temples reason behind is sarpas live in bamboo plantation. its their home burning bamboo causes havoc and run away from just by smoke of bamboo burning. Ancients seers knew this pollution causing angle and hence they have strictly prohibted the used of bamboos. Few text suggest burning bamboo creates pitru dosh.

One research conducted by Italian scientist have brought to notice burning aggarbattis create pollution 1.5times more than ciggartte burning. Due to use chemical indregedients faithlet, Neurotoxic and Hypotoxic chemicals are released during burning which can cause cancer and strokes in human body.

Use Lobhan, Guggal etc instead of aggarbatiis

Guggal Dhoop is often used in Pooja. It is said that using it with ghee can do magic.

Guggul Dhoop

You can use a small vessel which is heat compliance. Put small pieces of charcoal and put some Guggal Dhoop in it with some ghee. Burn it and as soon the smoke comes take the vessel to each and every corner of the house. It will ensure removal of microbes and pest from the house which are main reason of bad health. Did you know Guggal is related to lord ‘Shiva’ and ghee is related to ‘Shakti’, and together they become Shiva-Shakti and has the power to remove negativity from your house and office.

Also, it is very powerful and has the ability to caste off the evil eye. If you think that your house or any of the members is the target of evil eye burn this Dhoop morning and evening after Pooja and spread the smoke in every corner of the house. You will see the effect immediately.