Rin Anubandha
Part 3.

In my last posts, I had tried to explain, with examples about the interlinking of karma and soul groups who are born to assist each other.. The timing may vary, not necessarily, all souls from the soul groups are born during the same phase. It can be cyclic.. like one goes, and come back again as a different relation. We do find such instances in families, where one feels a past soul in reborn.

There are times we form deep family kind of bond with friends.. as they say bonds thicker than blood. It also happens that one finds uncanny familiarity with some.. as if we have known each other from long. And then the bond grows, effortlessly. Such are definitely, soulmates.

Others can be such who trigger something in us, say hatered, hurt, bitterness, negativity or to rebel. The impact is so big that it shakes one.. unsettles one.. and one keeps wondering.. what did i do so wrong.
Such cases are also soul groups.. in case it drives one to learn the lessons and improve own self. Differences with parents, siblings, extended family.. or enemies are also made for one to form part of the entire drama. Such challenges are placed in life to overcome and succeed.

If not of Ravana, Rama's Birth was useless. Everyone knows, that Ravana and Rama are  internal.. to beat the inner demons of negativity. Whether one establishes hell or heaven within own self is absolutely upto own wish and will. It becomes important to thank those soulmates who became instrument in winning over such demons. Those who hold the hurt and grudges, will continue to suffer.

Astrology and horosocopy is based on past lives and karma. And such interlinking. This where the concept of Rinanubandha comes in. All relations are formed based on rin (debt) anubandha (bond).

Here it is karmic debts between two and also towards the group. With debts, in general some associate negative.. in earthy ways.. yet, its not the same when one understands that how strategically, everything is interconnected and orderly placed for mutual growth and higher purpose. Even if it apparently appears to be a hurt, failure, deadlock.. the situation is part of evolving process for all.

Hence its not coincidence that we experience good and bad relations. Free will lies in how we want to take it.. the past karma or debts are also created by self and to transform it is also in own will.

This doesn't mean one leads a passive life, it means that karma is a responsibility.. to purify.. thoughts, words and actions. To create the right cause to see the right effect.

No one exists alone. We have interdependent existence, living beings and the environment. Even if one goes to jungle to live alone, will still depend on nature to breath, eat and sleep. The food on table is grown by someone else, the road and vehicle we travel are made by else, even we are born thru someone else.. if it is not a rin.. what it is. Our entire individual existence is about co-dependency and interconnectedness. Rinanubandha.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Blessed. 🙏😇