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Role of various bhaavs

 "Role of various  Bhaavas  Narayan Jyotish Paramarsh" #astro, #astronarayan, #bestastrologer, #jpastro #astriyogi, #jyotish, #Narayan, #narayan jyotish, #narayanjyotishparamarsh,       💐"Lagna"💐 👉🏻It represents body of the nation, its environment, cooperation, morality, public health, general well-being and home-ministry. If afflicted, there will be disturbance, anarchy, class-struggle and failure of administration.       💐"2nd Bhaav"💐  👉🏻It represents financial state of the nation, foreign exchange, national budget revenue, tax, planning, banking, internal trade, total national production/ wealth and stock-exchange.  In this bhaav, there may be emergency situation.      💐"3rd bhaav"💐  👉🏻It represents communications, transport, information collection/ broadcasting, military strength, neighbours and mental state of its people. If afflicted, it denotes loss of food-grains, water-tragedies, train- accidents, insinuative acts of neighb

True love

!!!Astro !!! Astro Narayan !!! Jp Astro !!! Best Astrologer !!! Narayan !!! !!! Narayan Jyatish !!! AstroYogi!!!  🌷 True love & bond is inseparable & always exists within one's soul.... 👁️This is the launguage of the eyes which read other eyes heal entirely & nurture the soul that makes one feel alive...And gives the new optimism about the life.😇🙏 🌍World is really big but the heart who can understand urs is rare to meet !! ✨That deep belonging & soul spark has no wordly defination but an eternal experience in itself which leaves imprint on ur existence. 💜If you find one in any form take it as God's token of love for you... Understand them, value them & keep them closer to your heart... 😇Only luckiest one gets the chance to love & being loved & understood so deeply on such pious soul level.... 👩‍❤️‍👨When you respect & accept eachother from the core & love unconditionally every day is day of Love & bliss.... 🌹 Pt.AbhishekShastri