Role of various bhaavs

 "Role of various  Bhaavas  Narayan Jyotish Paramarsh"

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👉🏻It represents body of the nation, its environment, cooperation, morality, public health, general well-being and home-ministry. If afflicted, there will be disturbance, anarchy, class-struggle and failure of administration.

      💐"2nd Bhaav"💐

 👉🏻It represents financial state of the nation, foreign exchange, national budget revenue, tax, planning, banking, internal trade, total national production/ wealth and stock-exchange.  In this bhaav, there may be emergency situation.

     💐"3rd bhaav"💐

 👉🏻It represents communications, transport, information collection/ broadcasting, military strength, neighbours and mental state of its people. If afflicted, it denotes loss of food-grains, water-tragedies, train- accidents, insinuative acts of neighbor-enemy or skirmishes at borders.

        💐"4th bhaav"💐

👉🏻It represents the mann, mind of the nation and its people, agricultural production, real estate & slum development, mining, forestry, weather, education & school, throne, public agitation, local politics, opposition parties, decision-makin g/ cancellation. If afflicted it denotes floods, earthquakes, land.slide, volcano, criminal activities, Scam, danger to the leader and weak government.

      💐“5 th  Bhaav”💐

👉🏻It represents education ,art, music , entertainment,  sports, birth-rate of children, share market, capital investment, ambassador, higher society and social activities. If afflicted it denotes loss of moral values, criminal activities, scams, danger to leaders ,


 💐"6th Bhaav"💐

👉🏻It represents armed forces, territorial attacks, labour class, unions & strike, state-loans/ debts, medical diseases and services, animal husbandry and record keeping. Presence of malefics or severely afflicted, it creates war-frenzy, victory in conflict war or epidemics.

      💐"7th bhaav" 💐

👉🏻It represents foreign policy, foreign trade, international agreements, cooperation from friendly countries, honour of the nation in foreign, females   position and cooperative institutions. If afflicted it denotes war, conflicts, enemies, thieves/ dacoits, foreign infiltrations, increase in crimes against women and terrorists.

        💐"8th Bhaav"💐

 👉🏻This represents death of head of state, national mourning, war, change of power & authority, Loss of men & material due to natural calamities, financial help from foreign, pensioners & old people, various types of compensations, scientific discoveries & research and gains through shares/ lotteries. If afflicted, it denotes heavy taxation/ punishment on people, higher death rate, economic / immoral actions offending  public  feelings.

      💐"9th Bhaav"💐

👉🏻It represents justice, judiciary, religion, ethics, long journeys, air travel, higher education,

tourism, transport system, public relations, advertisements and industrial capabilities. If afflicted it

denotes increase in government expenditure, and air/ water tragedies.

       💐"10th Bhaav"💐

👉🏻 This represents king, head of state, Prime Minister, ruling party, parliament, wealthy, big industrialist, social/ political leader, important authorities, national aims/ unity/ pride/ honour. If afflicted, it denotes defeat of government in parliament, change of government due to public unrest or war and loss of prestige of the country in foreign lands.

     💐"11th Bhaav"💐

👉🏻It represents international agreements/ contracts, mutual relations between centre & state governments, national income, gains from foreign trade, mint, will power of public, position of ruling party, victory in election, developmental program, control of inflation, distribution of essential items, revenue collection, representatives in foreign and international relations. If afflicted, it denotes uproar in parliament, problems/ sorrows to public due to selfish parliamentarians.

    💐"12th Bhaav"💐

👉🏻 It represents secret enemies or their agents, terrorists, smugglers, tax-evaders, life and success abroad, abductors/ criminals, anti-national or anti-social persons, desolate, helpless, old, disabled person, jail, hospital, hermitage and charitable institutions. If afflicted, it denotes increase in conspiracies, scams, misuse of wealth/ position/ authority, assassinations, organized crimes, cheating, fraud, unexpected/ sudden calamities, ill-luck, humiliation, worries and psychological problems.

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