Stronger by eating food weak planet

There is a lack of elements in our body. Or the planet which is weak. The nature gives us the same type of catering and motivation to fulfill those elements. like

The people whose horoscope is weak in Jupiter's position. They like pulses in the food, yellow vegetables, or yellow sweets so much. Use turmeric in the food.

Those people whose horoscope has worsened in the horoscope, those people like either very quick chillies, or very sweet food. They can not eat non-chilli and they like lentil pulses. When they think of eating sweet, they can eat just as sweet and that too without regret, without regret.

If the sun's condition is weak, then such people find sweet or otherwise sour taste in every kind of food. They eat more salt in their diet. You can see them eating anytime, chips, or any other snack, they can eat at any time, anytime. Without thinking that day or night

Venus and Chandra are related to white matter. When these two planets are weak in the horoscope of a person, they are more interested in white things like butter, curd, cheese, milk or white sweets.

Roasting or spicy food if you prefer that the condition of Saturn in your horoscope is weak. Talk about pulses, they like most of the urad dal and never say 'khichadi'. They like the smell of mustard oil, so they want their food to be made in the same oil.

Mercury has a weak position in the horoscope, so such people prefer raw food to the vegetables. Peas and carrots are their favorites. Moong dal is their favorite and they expect this in their all-time meals.
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