Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Problem

Today, we will talk about career and business related problems: Any of our profession or work, we all have a great significance in life, a working person is respected by the society and I can live my life well. And they can feed their families in a nutritionally manner, but many times it has been seen that all things go well with our lives, suddenly we have some problems related to our profession. Mr. our credit scoring business goes is released from the falls on the verge of closing or moving fine job all of a sudden, why so many times that even some where there is no work after much effort would it end. Whenever we face such a problem with our life, then the real reason is that our planets are related to 5, 8, 12 times, when whenever the condition of the house related to these values ​​comes to the difference, then this problem is our life. Of course, and many times it has also been seen that everything goes to the end. But the planets related to the 6, 8, 12 quote also give us problems related to our career or profession, as the work
 Do not walk in the way of the job. I do not have the right ambience of the office or the burden of the work is not enough to be made by my manager etc, but not as many of the planets released from 5, 8, 12.

If you also have some similar issues? Obviously please contact.
Pt. Abhishek Shastri

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