Friday, March 15, 2019

Secret enemies

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••••Now-a-days this question  arise in our Mind & I would like to discuss about this !!!

•••"Secret enemies " Are WHO  wants our downfall, Wheres known enemies to be seen from 6th(shatrusthana ) house from ascendent  #But the 12th house Traditionally considered as hidden enemies !!!

~~We know 12th house stand for many things like ~~ Loss and impediments, extravagance, expenses, investments, donations, charities,far  places, sorrow, sin, Misfortune, poverty, association, fraud, scandal, disgrace, secret sorrows, success through occult affairs, the feet, the left eye, the left ear, comforts of bed, debts, Moksha -final salvation, #secret enemies ETC

~~My particular topic is all about #secret #enemies who play secretly behind us !!!

~~~Known enemies can affect our body which is majorly caused by afflicted mars/6th house /weak ascendent! !!
But secret enemies somewhere reason for #Malefic #Nodes (especially ketu )!!!

~~~ The enemies can be from our close friends, relatives, neighbors etc .
Who fits this description due to jealousy of our possessions & They are the back biter or Trouble maker !!!

~~~They are most dangerous than known enemies because unknown enemies who stabs from back...

~~Meanwhile  a well placed benefic ketu #bless us to Recognise the hiddens by intuitionally because ketu direct linked with Moon. They both stands for our intuitions ..

~~~The 12th house is #Grand Circle one of mystery & very close to us as 12th house is very close to our #ascendent (self ),So most hidden enemies are close or known person to us who know our some weakness too ! !!

~~~#Rahu is  Mysterious & #ketu  hidden itself both are shadows! Their placement with  bad dignity in 12th where our hidden strength & weakness also Free from benefics aspects can lead number of hidden enemies !

~~Affliction of #Mars indicates strife a lot, if benefic The mars gives inner strength to handle all situations...

~~~Affliction of #Saturn indicates hinders, obstacles from enemies, if benefic huge patience from all black sheeps..
One thing remember that it's not always planets that give us hidden enemies, sometimes #Malefic Saturn in 12th itself give us tendency to gossips on people without any reason ! !!

~~~Affliction #sun in 12th enemies should be  curious to defame our honour and dignity socially !

~~~#Moon in 12th sometimes make us angry nature, when we tell people the bitter truth & they TAKEs that  wrong, after that they play the role of hidden enemies..

~~~Wheres secret enemies creates by for our wisdom, philosophy when Malefic #Rahu aspects on #Jupiter !!!

~~~Mainly affliction of #twelfth house and #lord afflicted badly lead the trouble from hidden enemies..

~~~Aspects of malefics on #Venus Create enemies for one's comfort & aspects of malefics on Mercury for #good education ( in shorts generel views  )

~~~Etc  #formulation More

•|••Please #note~ planet in own sign, friendly sign, present benefic aspects, VPR adverse the effects ! Overall placement of the planet & sign in several charts,PAC, Degree wise capabilities matters a lot !

~~My target was for making this post for #awarness only !

~~Question arise in our mind who are the hiddens actually , fact is that not everytime who shit on us they are our #enemy nor who praise & use sweet words to us they are #friends ! 🙂

~~So pick friends #carefully because Many times the black sheeps shows more sympathy,care, than a normal friend !

~~Most hidden enemies creates due  jealousy on us & jealousy has no reason,
but sometimes we Also mistake or anything they take wrong or some third parties  spread rumours, so we have to be #careful about our conduct what we speaks & deeds !!!

#Solutions  👇

#There has various types of informative remedial advice,  but I would like to suggest two only which attracts my belief system !

~~One is suryargha, Aditya hridayam stotram in the morning for sustain our self respect .
The sun is  father & life giver , our creation  & ultimate Pride (5th leo creativity)  & basically hidden enemies always try to harm our #pride ! Sun is our universial significator of soul static ATMa karaka and ascendent lord and sun itself help us us defend them !!!!

•••2nd is worshipping lord Ganesha for Malefic #ketu

~~~Welcome Respected Members views because this post is for discussion purpose & there may have more formulation !

~~•With time and after research I will add more article !

This post is only for "•secret enemy•" ! 🙏

Thank you 😇🙏🏻
Pt. Abhishek shastri.

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