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It must be noted that debilitation of some planets are desirable in a horoscope.

They are the lords of the Dusthanas (6th/ 8th/ 12th). If the lords of the Dusthanas are placed in other Dusthanas in debilitation, then it confers Vipareeta raja yoga, whereby the native gains due to the loss of natural and functional significations of the planet causing the yoga.

For example, if 8th lord Moon is involved in Vipareeta Raja yoga, by its debilitation in the 12th house, the native might enjoy rise in life,
but the Mother (natural signification of Moon) and the marriage (8th house is the longevity of marriage) might suffer simultaneously.

To enjoy the fruits of Vipareeta Raja yoga, the native must not strengthen such debilitated planets that confer the yoga.
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