Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This is our country's

Narayan jyotish paramarsh

This is our country's independence chart - 15.08.1947, 0000 hrs, New Delhi.

The functional malefic lord of the twelfth house Mars is placed on the most effective point of the second house ruling status, harmonious relationship amongst various sections of the society and wealth.During the sub period of the functional malefic Mars from September 1995 to November 1996, the country lost its status in the eyes of world due to large number of financial scams and scandals like, hawala, fodder scam, broad guage conversion, political bribery to MPs, allotment of houses and agencies, etc. besides the continuous unfavourable foreign trade and rising foreign and internal debt.

The placement of exalted Rahu close with the most effective point of the ascendant indicates loss of moral character by many, incidence of various scams an generation of black money.The transit malefic influence of Rahu & Ketu on the natal Rahu, Ketu and the Moon in end of March, 1997 resulted into a political chaos in the country due to withdrawal of support by a political party to the ruling front.

Now from 15th July 2016, India will enter the sub period of Mars till 13th February 2017 in the main period of Moon followed by sub period of Rahu and Jupiter(functional malefic planets) ending in December 2019. During this period, India is likely toface losses and expenses.Many scams are indicated to come to light.Finances and reputation of India is likely to be impacted.During 1st week of August the transit mars will be at 5 deg (on most effective point) in 7th house and will be severely afflicted by natal Rahu, Ketu.Rahu and ketu are also placed on the MEP of the ascendant.Mass loss of lives is indicated during this period.

Placement of Jupiter in 6th house indicates difficulties to Indian economy and are likely to add to the problems of various economies of the world which are already facing problems.Things are not good for both business and employment seekers.

If you see the transit around mid May 2019 of India's chart (15.08.1947, 00.00 hrs, Delhi), it would be the sub period jupiter (8th lord), ruling obstructions.The natal jupiter (placed in 6th house at 25 deg) will be severely afflicted by transit Rahu from 2nd house.The transit jupiter would be transiting in 7th house and will be afflicting natal sun (4th lord).The transit Saturn (10th lord) will be transiting in 8th house and will be in severe affliction of transit rahu & ketu.The transit mars, 12th lord, ruling losses, will be afflicing natal mars in 2nd house.Such influences does not indicate a favourable result.

The period between 13th to 15th January, 2016, is quite difficult.Take care of your job, health and loved ones.There can be multiple concerns.Avoid unnecessary travel and driving.                         

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