planets and your wellbeing

The planets in your horoscope are directly linked to health and with a correct reading of your horoscope, you'll bee well prepared to handle any ailments that you simply might encounter in your life.

Malefic planets have a negative effect on an individual's health while benefic planets can help an individual overcome a specific ailment. A weak moon could indicate that the native should be vary of lung ailments and weak eyesight. The Sun within the horoscope are often wont to deduct problems within the eye, heart and even mental tensions. A malefic Mars could indicate at the prospect of unfortunate accidents and injury. A person's memory and intelligence is influenced by Mercury. Thus a weak Budh will cause nervous problems, slowness of thought and poor retention or memory. The largest planet is Jupiter. It hs an immediate effect on the liver, kidneys & pancreas. The planet of affection , Venus, can leave you speechless because it is associated to the throat. A weak Venus also can cause impotency. Thus, any health issue an individual could be affected by or may need within the future, astrology will have a solution for it.
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