Vedic Astrology Planet Moon is releted for mind, so when planet Moon is weak with other malefics like Planet Saturn, Planet Rahu,Planet Ketu and Planet Mars then person will be generally weak in mind and fearful.
In your horoscope when 6th house, 8th house and 12th house is affected by bad cusps lords and planet then it plays a crucial roles in fear anxiety, depression, low confidence . Planet Moon goes to enemy house with affliction from Planet Rahu or Planet Saturn then native will be always with fear and anxiety.
Important role in horoscope is Accendent lord, it important to access native mental stability, when Accendent lord becomes weak and occupies with bad house aspected by planet Rahu or Planet Saturn will make native anxious.

Planet Moon is play important role in our life so you always do some precostions about this planet, drink lots of water every day, because moon is watery planet so you do this, White and watery Planet Moon can cause a lot of spiritual and emotional problems that go a long way in weakening our body. Remember mind and body are inter-related. If your mind is unhealthy then you're bound to have lots of physical problems sooner or later. Pains, migraines, tremors, pain in the neck, body and joints are some of the most common illnesses that a bad moon causes. It causes deficiency of calcium. So, you must increase the intake of those calcium rich food items in your diet and drink milk. Please drink a cup of milk preferably with, green cardamoms  every day. If you're an Insomnia patient, then drink this milk half an hour before going to sleep.

Wear Silver Ornaments always, donate milk, rice, sugar on monday to needy people, most important

remedy for Anxiety is do Meditation and Pranayama on regular
 "AnulomVilom" pranayam is considered one of the best remedies to improve mind and soul, and get rid of problems like, insomnia, unhappiness, stress and anxiety. You can also simply recite- Om for 10 minutes. Do this daily either in the morning within an hour of sunrise  or evening  within in an hour of sunset.
More information, contact to use constitution remedy method and after horoscope analysis, get many types of information and there will definitely be a solution and you will definitely get benefits.


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