Gajendra Moksha

         ‼️Gajendra Moksha- Significance ‼️

The Bhagwat has many Kathas which explain some very important deep meanings to life and sufferings.Many of them are also indicative of Astrology or guidance to dealing with difficulties in life.

Gajendra Moksha is a story of an elephant who was the king in his forest. While drinking water from the Lake he is suddenly attacked by a crocodile. He tries his best but he is not able to get his foot out of the crocodile s mouth. He is stuck and caught, the pain is immense and unbearable. When he just cannot take the suffering anymore he calls out to Vishnu.
 His prayer is a powerful, beautiful stotra which can be chanted by anyone to relieve themselves of sufferings. Finally, Vishnu appears and takes Ganjendra with him to Vishnu Lok and all his suffering is over and he finds emancipation.
This Katha is symbolic in many ways and is filled with spiritual guidance and knowledge. The elephant can be understood as the intellect ( elephant – Jupiter – intelligence). The muddy water can be the illusions or lack of clarity while we live in this world. The crocodile is symbolic of the nodes- Rahu and Ketu- or the various vices created by own mind which confuses us and takes us away from real knowledge. We are caught up ( as caught by the crocodile) so intensely in the weaknesses of our mind that we live in pain, disillusionment, fear, attachments leading to us being stuck in the circle of life and death.
The Gajendra Moskha Stotra hence becomes a powerful Stotra to pull the soul towards Vishnu, towards emancipation and free of all suffering. It also indicates that when the suffering is at the soul level- Atma Karak- this Stotra will bring relief. The chanting of this Stotra also frees one from the sufferings of the Nodes when the transit is not favourable.
Apart from this powerful prayer Vishnu Sashartanam will also help with guidance and blessings.
- pt. Abhishek shastri