Ketu ???

Does Ketu destroy marriage in the 7th house?

Not exactly, there are many other factors also in astrology which have to be seen, gives their impact in destroying the marriage. In reading a horoscope and predicting about an event only one planet is not seen. The total impact of the nine planets are studied and then taken into consideration before arriving at the prediction. In considering the planets, their positions in rashi their degree, aspects, significators etc are studied. In same way Ketu in 7th house has to be studied in term of its placement of rashi, degree and the nakshtra in which it is positioned in. The planets aspecting ketu is studied if its from a malefic or from a benefic planets. As ketu doesn't own any house in a horoscope, it acts as an agent of that house. So its depositors is studied and inference is generated about ketu.

So to sum up, by only ketu’s placement in 7th house, a marriage in not destroyed.

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