Every child is unique in behavior and action which he / she has inherited from past karma. Horoscope of child indicates natural tendencies and parents It is my humble advice that the horoscope analysis should be done from birth and not when you face difficulty & rush for remedies. Believe that there is no instant remedy as per our circumstances and ours will be prepared in coming circumstances if we already prepare.
    In this article, I will try to indicate how we can handle our child in early childhood For proper analysis the horoscope of parents Mother, father and child form a triangle on which foundation of happy / unhappy family depends In astrology, mother is denoted by moon and 4th house. Moon is emotion, attachment, nurturing etc like mother and 4th house is place where child feels safe and gets all her / her childhood needs Father is denoted by Sun Who controls full day activities and gives life sustaining strength to face outer world while mother nurtures his / her inner world. Father is also denoted by 9th house which is ruled by Guru or Jupiter as father is Guru of guides at every stage. How the child grasps their teachings child's horoscope by judging by how much the mother and father will play their role. Various positions of sun and moon (144 combinations) in the horoscope of child indicates that the child is the parent of the parents and how? Below is short description
       In Aries, there is a slightest provocation. He is having good kinetic energy He will hold his hand with pressure and quickness will be observed. He needs caution on stairs, road, and high places and requires constant watch to avoid, he will like the racing car toys, moving train and flying plane and will hate slow action toys. Now parents can watch and manage at different stages
   In Tarus sign the child will be engaged in routine work cycle. He is very stable and will move from one place to another. This is a practical sign that the child will not like any kind of sports, as well. The child is having good stamina and does not tire easily He has affinity for food He is the best friend Now you think how to handle
    In Gemini, the child is born intelligent. He can solve maths and puzzles very quickly He will like educational games which requires mental challenge. The child is more involved mentally who may affect his physiological health so advised take away child for walk and have some discussion with him Parents who have more mental inclination
        In Cancer child is very close to mother He likes home and any outing or movement from home He will move out He will like water too and will be found in wet clothes and mother will be engaged in changing his clothes. The basic thing is that the mother has to do lot for him He needs caution from slipping and boiling water In the previous incarnations, mother had neglected her child or she had had ignored her mother which can be seen from the horoscope and mother is now repaid.
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